Monkey Training School

Please do not ever visit this place! Unfortunately I ended up here because of a loss in translation. I had no idea what id be coming to see- I assumed happy monkeys in trees swinging and enjoying.

Turns out it was a monkey training school, where they make monkeys into circus performers. They made me feed a little monkey stuck in a small cage with a milk bottle. Other larger monkeys were tied by chains to their neck and a pole- and if you wanted to feed them your aim better be good or the poor guys cant reach their food. Its torturous to have food just out if your reach because your tied by your neck to a pole!!!!

After quickly realising where I had ended up I tried to make an exit but I was literally forced into watching the monkey show. The clever guys were riding bikes, filling shopping trolleys and greeting the audience.

I was asked to go to the front where they tied my hands with a rope and the monkey came and undid the knots. I felt sickened.  IMG_2156The only reason why I have photos here- is because they asked for my camera to take pictures- for safety reasons I couldnt take my camera and again for safety i was not allowed to look at the monkey and so I had to look at the camera instead! I felt disgusted, and wanted to just kill this ‘trainer’ and everyone in this place.

What a clever monkey- but how sad that this is what his life has become. I wish I could have also undone the chains around these monkeys.

I left this place before the show was over- i must’ve been here for about 15 minutes- which is the most regretted 15mins of my trip, and probably the worst 15 minutes of my life. I cannot stress how much you need to avoid this place.

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